Treatment of ED is possible even in old age

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Today we will talk about ED problems and the traetment of male problems.

Despite alleged freedom of movement in public – the subject of sexuality is still associated with many taboos and great insecurity. It is still difficult to talk about difficulties in this connection. The most common sexual problem for men is not getting an erection or being able to sustain it long enough. What treatments are available today? Dr. Viola Kürbitz, urologist from Bad Zwischenahn, answered these and other questions in the chat.

Unknown: Are there other medicines like Viagra?

Dr. Viola Kürbitz: There are now four substances in the so-called PDE-5 inhibitors, including Viagra. These can also be changed as part of a therapy to assess whether a better efficacy and a different spectrum of side effects can be achieved because each patient responds differently to the drugs.

Olmkram: With me it comes again and again during the traffic to erectile dysfunction. What can this have for causes?

Dr. Viola Kürbitz: It can have physical causes, which should be clarified by a doctor. There may also be mental or partnership problems.

Stephan: Erection problems are not quite my problem. I have more difficulty coming to orgasm, then of course lose the desire for a longer period of time and then rather frustrated by the erection. I’m in my late 40s.

Dr. Viola Kürbitz: With this complex problem, you should contact your doctor or urologist or a center with a focus on sexual medicine.

Rena: My partner is a dialysis patient. Since then, the sex does not work anymore, that means he does not get any erections anymore and his interest in it is almost non-existent. When he spoke to his attending physician, he said it was related to the adrenal glands and there was nothing left to do, he had to live with it. Does he really have to?

Dr. Viola Kürbitz: Again, I recommend a presentation in a sex medicine center, where not only the hormonal and physical parameters are determined, but also mental relationships in the partnership can be considered. There may also be other ways to live a fulfilled sexuality in the partnership.

Crozon: My husband has been suffering from erectile dysfunction and delayed urination for years after taking tablets for lipid metabolism. What help is advised here?

Dr. Viola Kürbitz: Here is a urological idea makes sense, since a benign enlargement of the prostate may be present, which can also lead to erection problems. Furthermore, it can also be in existing fat metabolism disorder to an erectile dysfunction due to vascular disease.