Treatment of erectile dysfunction


Commonly used Sildenafil Citrate from Pfizer Inc., known to all as Viagra, has been successfully used by several people for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Through widespread use, the doctors have gained great clinical experience, so that we now all the stumbling blocks – side effects of the preparation – are known in its use.

No one will deny that Viagra helps to quickly solve real problems of potency. Of course, such a strong preparation also has side effects. Unfortunately, the men hurry in the search of the solution and neglect the contraindications. They sometimes print both eyes in contraindications. But everyone should know that serious problems after taking Viagra are possible. List of contraindications consists of:

  • myeloma;
  • Stomach bleeding and gastric ulcer;
  • other medicines for treatment of erectile dysfunction;
  • Medicines containing nitrates;
  • Medicines for the treatment of penile diseases;
  • Allergic reactions to any component of the preparation.

We should also remember that Viagra worsens the quality of sperm and its fertilizing ability, which could lead to infertility. But that only happens when sildenafil is taken uncontrolled.

Several positives arose when people began to order Viagra for general use, ignoring potential side effects of the drug and its impact on the intimate sphere. Increased sexual activity appeals to them, and they start to take Viagra on a regular basis. Bigger amounts of Viagra can be dangerous. This can lead to severe psychological and physiological Viagra dependence. Man will not be able to perform a coitus without a preparation. There are healthy ways to increase sexual activity, and men should choose them instead of drugs. List contains exercises, natural remedies, healthy lifestyle, special ration and abstinence from alcohol and smoking.

It is always dangerous to take Viagra without a prescription, but certain group of patients are more sensitive than the other. These are:

  • Patients who withstood insult, heart attack, ischemic heart disease, patients with heart failure. Improving the erection can lead to prolonged and intense coitus, which could be dangerous for such patients. That can trigger a lot of stress and cause heart failure or even heart failure. Therefore, people with heart disease always have to consult a doctor, especially taking PDE-5 inhibitors. Cardiologist can give all the necessary recommendations for safe treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  • People who have problems with vessels have to take Viagra very carefully. This also applies to patients who are taking other preparations that are not good for taking Viagra, such as nitrates (eg sodium nitroprusside) or molsidomine, which calls for the formation of nitric oxide, etc. Combining these preparations with Viagra can lead to negative consequences associated with accumulation of the gefa? widening effect.
  • Viagra is not good for men suffering from eye diseases such as retinal degeneration (macular degeneration), retinitis pigmentosa and glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure). Taking Viagra may cause vision loss in such patients. All people with eye diseases have to consult the ophthalmologist before taking Viagra.
  • Men with gastric ulcer should take Viagra only very carefully and only after the consultation with the doctor. The same applies to any diseases with bleeding tendencies. Dialysis and reduced blood coagulation are reasons for extra safety. Taking Viagra increases the risk of bleeding in tissues.
  • Other risk groups include patients suffering from leukemia, sickle cell anemia, malignant bone marrow disease, because Viagra can lead to a longer erection. It lasts for several hours and then you need medical attention.
  • Viagra is not recommended for people who suffer from severe asthma because its use can trigger the asthma attack and development of respiratory insufficiency. Men with asthma have to consult a doctor to determine proper treatment.
  • People who suffer from polyvalent allergy, hypersensitivity to Viagra, or any of its components, may experience severe allergic reactions or even anaphylactic shock.

All this information was not presented to you in order to scare you. This does not mean that Viagra is dangerous. It is an excellent remedy that is wise to use. Never take medicines without a doctor’s prescription, as this can lead to serious consequences. Where did so many absurd rumors about Viagra come from? The fault is the men who dodge the doctors. Severe episodes occur in just such deflated patients. They may have pleasure in the mouth without medical advice, but they are not able to foresee how their body will respond.